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One poisoned apple in a pile of 10000 apples. Would you let your child eat one? Two?
Heck Yeah! Ya do the same sort of thing every time Ya back outta Yer Driveway, every time You go through the Fast Food Drive-Thru, Every time You go to a "Pot-Luck", Every time Ya Have a Contractor work on anything You own.
The Branch Manager
The Branch Manager
Fast Food Drive-Thru- not in a good while, as in several months.

Every time You go to a "Pot-Luck"- anti social personality disorder saves me here.

Every time Ya Have a Contractor work on anything You own. The trucks are really the only thing I can't troubleshoot myself, and they're mostly under warranty.
Except for the rare times We hit the road, we do none of those. Fast Food? Not once in Six Months at the very least.
Branch, does your version of it leave you with holes in your memory?
Someone please come bathe the dogs for me. They stanky.
Impossible whopper just keeps on giving. It was overly salty on the intake side, and like a gentle summer breeze across a landfill on the way out.
I am going to start taking shit personally. Just decided.
Am I the only one who gets horribly offended when people you cook often for, give you recipes unprompted? I don't ever say anything out loud, but I take it personally. And throw those recipes into the trash bin for spite. White American problems i guess.
I want to say this: each year the USA spends ~460 Billion dollars on illegals - but cost decisions kept us to only 20 B2 bombers, which only cost 500 Million each. Paying for treadmill-shrimp seems wise compared to this.
I'm not buying all this bullshit.
I don’t like my holster for my Ruger SR9 make one or search one out?
Hi all. Been rather busy with the business. Doctor's finally diagnosed his fainting spells of a year " Vasovagal Syncope". He is now disabled and can no longer work. Fighting with Social Security now to get his disability privileges. I have gone back to school to become an HHA. And have been working on my first case with an 89 Dementia Client to offset 1 lost income. Times are tough but God has been good to us.