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Caught the HIV with a side of Pneumonia. Went to work anyways. Grandaddy always said "you can be sick at home and go broke, or get a bigger straw son. Now gitcher assta work boy!"
So I flew home, was around all those filthy people in the airport then I traveledon the roadway, stayed in a hotel the bunch of filthy illegals in it, and now I'm sick. I don't ever get sick. Probably got Ebola. I feel like death.
Zero problems wrt Blacks - Best Man at My wedding was Black Buddy of many Years. Just tire of the "Check the boxes" Casting - reality would have Shows with "Mix and Match" Characters, in a RANDOM manner. Same observation applies to Gays, Asians, First Nation, Handicapped, Age Mismatches, and so on. Thing is, in Advertising as Well, on TV, it is tiresome to see the artifice.
I have a working theory, that they believe there is some magical, alchemical formula that will automatically produce some sort of utopia, HL. But because they've already rejected the one thing that IS magical and has the best chance of nurturing harmony (live & let live)... they keep trying and keep having to put out the flames of their failures.