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Here's a view inta the inner workings: Daughter, Dungeon-Mistress to several D&D clans, has need for a Gob-Smacking Upgrade Gaming/Programming Confuser. She typically buys Near Bleeding Edge Confounders. I can get Hers, For Free, when She makes the move. She finds best High end deals when the bargains go on sale near the Holidays, before the January New Generation HotRods are introduced.

Her cast-off, used and abused bit flippers are generally Very respectable units, faster and more capable than anything My Applications require.

Just being a good Steward. The Sands in My Personal Glass are trickling down, and I wanna leave a few Renminbi for SWMBO and She Who Chooses to play with...

Besides, Ol Sol ain't cooperating just Yet, for Our Adventures with Radios.
I've purchased two refurbished computers from this Ebay seller. One for my sis, and one that I'm on now.

This one would fit your needs nicely:


The only thing I would DIY upgrade would be the graphics card for one around $150 bucks or so.
https://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-Gef...&keywords=graphics+card&qid=1604765277&sr=8-7 <-- Actually a great option for the price
And another 8gig Ram stick. (Super cheap)

Then it would be a very respectable budget gaming 'puter at under $350 bucks. :geek:(y)

Browse their listings!

Note: Throw away the mouse and keyboard. They are literally too cheap to even use.
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I picked up a case of this yesterday. Never saw it out east.

Seems like a good middle ground between fresh milk and powdered milk. Has a good till date of 03/31/2021.
First time I ever saw that was at a Chinese restaurant that the wife likes. Had our daughter with us (was probably about two at the time) and ordered milk for her to drink, and that's what they served.

Since then, the missus has made a point to get it if the price is right. Not necessarily a case at a time, but we ended up setting aside quite a bit when the `rona lockdowns kicked in. They offer it in chocolate (maybe a different brand?) which I throw in the freezer until it's just shy of turning into a brick. Never got juice boxes and such when I was a kid, so I feel like I'm getting away with something . . .