What did you do to prep today??


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Took in Four Packages of BRCC Holiday Beans @$10.99/Bag.

Took in Two of the Extra Efficacious Chlorox Sanitizing Wipes.

Took A Beer out of Ready Storage, and....disposed of it😇

Cleaned and Inspected, Lubed and Reloaded The Mock 17 and 19 that had been run hard and put away wet.


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Ran the genny for a bit today.
Worked on the forge project too.
Welded on the stacks that will hold the burners and schlepped on a coat of high temp paint.
Add the insulation and rigidizer next.
Then fab the doors, set the burners and we'll be all set.


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Not necessarily a legit prep, but I finally tracked down a "combat shirt" in my favorite camo pattern, Czech VZ95 woodland. Does that count?
Of course. Im a sucker for old woodland, especially since MARSOCs been using it. I would love a Crye Precision shirt but the True Spec combat shirt will do for me.

The colors of the V95 remind me of multicam tropic

john 1775

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Whew. Been finally sorting and cleaning all of my reloading stuff. I new my father had a lot, and I knew my family friend had a lot, but boy am I set to do reloads for a loooooong time. Thousands upon thousand of bullets, cases, primers and powder to match. Been a huge process to organize it all. Cleaning and organizing my gun room as I go, finally have all my holsters, mags, pouches, etc all in propper totes. Moved in a large steel cabinet along with the one I had to organize all the reloading supplies. Quite the rainy day project.
Do any of you “seal” your primers ? What do you think about nail polish?