What did you do to prep today??


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Clearing Freezers of "Freeze-Dryer Projects" preparatory to the "End of Season" bulk deals from Local Farms, Produce Sales, etc.

Freeze-Dryer is cleaned, serviced, and running hard already, but now cleaning all trays, associated gear as they come out. Checking supplies.


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Filled 3 grill sized propane jugs.

Heading down to the bunker to assess firearms components and resort ammo and mags.

After that check in on Hurricane net.
Gonna rain so indoor stuff this afternoon.


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Looks like JB Weld is a good fix for leaking Jerry cans.
Wire wheeled the rust off and applied JB Weld to seal the holes in the European cans.
Sealed it up tight with no leaking, so far.

The European cans sit with the bottom of the fuel container directly on the ground, so they are in contact with any moisture and can rust easier.
The USGI cans have 1/2" rim on the bottom that raises the fuel container up off the ground.

After I fixed the leaks, I got a can of spray on bed liner from Wally World and coated the bottom of the can to resist abrasion.
Hopefully, this will extend the service life of the can.

I'll treat the other cans with the bedliner stuff, first chance.
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In Marine Trades, Red Hand is just about Best, near Tied with Bellzona. JB Weld is a pretty close Third Place. The rest are not suitable.

Hey, I haven't done ANYTHING yet! Ain't got My Five Standard Cups of "KickStarter Cawffee" down My Neck either!

But on Today's punchlist is: Getting final Innoculation against Pneumonia - "Boostrix"; Have already received the next to last last of Old-Age shots, Shingrix; prep of Bananas bound for Lemon/Honey bath, then into the Freeze-Dryer.


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Went to a free survival preparedness class hosted by the 5.11 retail store nearby and led by a guy from a training outfit called Panurgic Wilderness. It was pretty much remedial for me, geared towards BOB and GHB contents, but was more interesting than most, coming from a guy with military and police background.

Then the wife sent me to the grocery store, where canned whole potatoes (a standard prep for us) were half price.