What did you do to prep today??


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Midland combo radio: I threw mine in the trash today.

Rarely used it - but the solar panels barely did any charging, the hand cranking was not worth the time (only got a few minutes of play time) and it always lost 1 of 3 charging bars (after a fresh full charge) after sitting "off" for a few hours. Those are my results; other people may like theirs but I'll never own one again.


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Resurected a 30 year old zippo.

Made egg muffin breakfast samwichies for us. With tater tots, OJ and coffee.
Drove her thirty miles to her new BFF’s antique store. Where I put up curtain rods and shelving.

Part of my preparedness involves supporting her. That way she supports me while I follow these endeavors. 😇


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Cleaned out the green house and brought the tomato and pepper seedlings out.
Also worked on the water capture system for the green house.
i just have to plumb in the outlets inside and install the down spout from the gutter to the top of the barrel and I'm all set.

I'll do a system for for the chicken yard next.


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Added 5 more buckets of hard red wheat, and couple rolled oats from augason farms, jasmine rice from Costco.
Need to fence in the new raspberry, goji berry, rhubarb area I put in behind wife’s she shed.
I think it’s to hot for the rhubarb here and I wonder about raspberry’s to as I haven’t seen any around here.


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Got started on the water capture system for the chicken coop.
Most of the gutters are in place.
Footers poured for the support column. Column base and fill pad yet to pour.
Repaired a water leak on the greenhouse system drain too.
She'll get filled up tomorrow with the stormy weather moving in.
Got all the stuff ready to make pepper jelly after Church tomorrow.