Want to know how really pathetic the US Army is becoming?

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There's something off there. Army regs won't let a woman past 20 weeks even stand at parade rest for longer than five minutes at a time. A pregnant female can't carry weighted equipment and temporary duty (re)assignments are common. AR 40-501.

I'm thinking there's something off about that story, which isn't a story, just a headline...


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I am a retired Army Infantry 1st Sgt so this really hits me hard.
There is a woman going through a Ranger a School right now and........
She’s pregnant.
This politically correct gender indifferent crap needs to end

Female Ranger School Student Pregnent- Still in school
Now how the hell did that happen?

(The ranger school not the other thing. I know how that happened. 😁)


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I wouldn't be calling this person "she" until the gender status has been verified. After Chuck Shumer, we know now anal birth is possible.
DAMMIT, Fertig. You almost made me spit wine all over the tv. :ROFLMAO:

If this is true, then that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Although, I’ve always heard you should never piss off a pregnant woman...:unsure:


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I wanna be a baby Ranger
I wanna pee in the tall grass

I wanna be a baby Ranger
When I grow up I'll kick some ass.

C-130 rollin down the strip,
Baby Ranger gonna take a little trip.

Stand up, clip up, diapers from the floor
Hold my breath and count to four.

If my pee don't hit the floor,
Baby Ranger be back for more.

I wanna be a baby Ranger
I wanna kick some commie butt

Who ever let my mama in here
Must have been a freaking Nut.

I need a fucking beer!
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I want this to be click-bait and nothing more, but truth is often stranger than fiction.

My wife is not a Ranger, so I'm not going to try to equate her duties in any way, but she attended every Reserve drill weekend and training event while pregnant, right up to within a week of her due date. Second time around, there were two other expecting mothers in her unit. Our son was still nursing when she went out of state for a three-week NCO course, so she was pumping. Now, as a reservist, she is just doing what needs to be done to keep her skills fresh and what not, but as far as Uncle Sam is concerned, drill and training are active duty.

Obviously, lots of women in the civilian world work while pregnant, but lots of women aren't in the military, and definitely aren't Army Rangers. Yet, this is the world we find ourselves living in . . .

As a side note, while Mrs. Zone was pregnant, the VA/Tricare paid for her doctor visits. They paid for both deliveries (with C-sections) and, as you can imagine, have to have someone (or several someones) on staff to coordinate those sorts of things. Well, the latest word is that our gargantuan VA hospital here is going to bring all that stuff in-house, up to and including a maternity ward. And while I am satisfied with how things were handled from the perspective of a father and a husband, I absolutely don't think the VA should have anything to do with delivering babies based on how inept they are (as is the government in many other regards) at dealing with the legitimate medical needs of veterans. Truly, I felt dirty knowing taxpayers were covering the cost of my kids being born.