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Matt I've had one of these packs for a GHB/BOB for 4+ years if I had to guess. I've took it out on a few hikes and wit 15-20 pounds in it it rides good. It's held up great being in my truck the majority of the time I've owned it.
Lifetime Warranty and cost friendly. 29L I believe.
Think I paid a little bit more but less than $30 at WM.

Wow i was looking at that on Amazon and its 37 dollars there. Thanks for that link


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Different route home means i have to go up to the top of the bay, go around, and come back down. That's almost a 3hr drive without traffic if i go around Baltimore.otherwise ill have to go through Baltimore, shaving maybe 30 mins off that 3hrs. But going through Baltimore creates a whole new set of problems in a SHTF event. .
But which way passes a hobby store?