US/Iran Tensions, Spring 2019


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Looking at the map 40 so kindly provided...
I'm reminded that India/Pakistan are fussing in Kashmir and along their border; China & India have a border dispute as well...

we still have troops in Afghanistan; and a friend of the family (army corp engineer lawyer) is there...

Syria/Kurdistan/Turkey are still unsettled...

The Saudis are still playing with Yemen (and starving people)... and Iran has been backing the other side...

while Israel & Egypt are strangely quiet.
Always watch the quiet ones


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I’m really starting to wonder if this all wasn’t engineered by those about to be investigated for their role in the attempted coup. Right now the FBI and the CIA are on the hot plate over the origin of the FISA warrant, Carter Page, etc. What better way to distract everyone from this than US troops getting attacked.
Don’t think for a moment they don’t have the resources. Remember the warning Trump got about messing with the intelligence agencies? Think big picture folks. If they were trying to oust a dully elected president what do you think they’re capable of when they get cornered for it?


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America needs to get it’s moral high ground back. Get out of these endless wars just to feed the military complex. Get back to making this country an economic powerhouse that minds its business but curb stomps the fuck out of countries that cross certain lines.
Problem is they (Muslims) are already here and in order to defeat them we need to kill the nest. This could've all been done already if we would've done it right the first time...


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This is why I hate it when Trump thumps his chest, as he did in the tweet I posted above.

Don't bomb Iran, you've lost your credibility among all the other rogue nations.

He puts himself in unnecessary corners and makes strategic mistakes by tweeting "that will be the official end of Iran" if he doesn't then follow up. Because they'll be threatening us until they (or we) no longer exist.

So that gives Trump two options:

1) Invade. Thousands of American soldiers will die. Trillions will be spent over decades of time. For... basically nothing. He won't nuke civilian targets and we all know it. But you have to clean out those civilian targets. So... troops.

2) Back down, sanction them, try to cut them off from the world. That's a far cry from "end of Iran" and he loses all credibility to the other nations of the world. And if you think that international crediblity doesn't matter... then I can't help you here and you should do some more reading. A lot more.