Tracking the Effects of the Grand Solar Minimum

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Buddy with a small commercial farm by the lake had 3/4 of his cantaloupes and almost half his watermelon burst from rain. Unmarketable. He's in trouble. We trade a lot, I haven't seen good quality produce all year. Small peppers, tomatoes are ok, strawberries were too ugly to sell (58 quarts of preserves, normal 20). Hogs been eating well though. Organic pork. I'll sprinkle some salt on it and its kosher, right b40? Might be time to become Torah compliant!


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I saw around 60 acres of corn planted today while driving up to the city for some VA stuff. First it was odd because you don’t really see corn down here that much, second it was interesting because I’d say about half the crop had massive dead circles inside it from where rain or hail had beat it to pieces and or it started rotting from standing water. The crops were at most half way grown, and we’ve got more rain in the forecast this weekend.

Down here almost all the winter wheat has been ruined by the rain including the 40 acres we lease out. Most of the farmers are trying to at lease cut it and round bale everything for hay but most aren’t even doing that because the round bales end up being a big moldy mess in short order.