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Long thread with more details on shooter at initial site:

So the more I'm reading the more it looks like a white, Christian, nationalist who is tired of the sprawl of Muslim filth in the European mainland and it's territories. So he decided enough was enough...

BUT (wait let me adjust my tin foil, there that's better) what if, just what if this is part of the plan, a red flag op to further demonize white christians? Hmmm...


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I’m 50/50 on this being a false flag. 4chan is going absolutely nuts over this thing almost everything about this dude is hardcore alt-right 101 with tons of references to memes and Nazi/white supremacist ideology.

As much as I want to say it’s too convenient there is also a part of me that has been amazed for sometime that aside from Norway there really hasn’t been a lot of violence out of groups that are actually fueled largely by hate.

I’ll post some more NSFW links on the other area.


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While it may appear too convenient some folks have just had enough. When cultures change it is supposed to take a long time through natural movements of people. What’s happening is a ton of folks are getting dropped in areas sometimes literally overnight.
A change like that should take probably close to 100 years. People born and raised in a country are being told by their government that they need to shut up and accept it. Human nature doesn’t work that way. This is the direct fault of the multicultural governments. You can’t force these things on people as fast as they are and not expect things like this. Frankly I’m surprised there’s not more.


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A crime boss was wacked today at his Staten Island home.

I didn't know that still happened.
Cracks me up. The guy was a mobster, dealing mostly in heroin and illegal prescription drugs. Ruining untold thousands of lives. Yet when he gets wacked. People call it rude that he was whacked in front of his own home.

Live by the mob, die by the mob.
Just because you live in a fancy house on a nice part of Staten Island doesn’t mean you’re not a scumbag.

Overall the world is a better place without him. Wifey and kids will just have to come to grips with that fact dad was a criminal scumbag and died like one.

The news reports almost make it sound like he was a decent guy. He wasn’t