***The Newsflash Thread *** Ver.2


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VERRRY NICE! Fine Bow, lotsa TumbleHome at the Stern, Long Waterline (so it will ride bigger Swell softly), Plenty Beeg Diesels (evidenced by the balance while hoist in the Air). Glass is all Thick(that peculiar tint). Narrow Beam, (to help keep the Rolling to a minimum -ask GoblinX). Twin Screw Maneuverability, natch.

I would not be surprised to hear of a Gas Turbine (upgrade), cause, just like Murdercycles and Airplanes, ya can't ever have enough HossPOWER!
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One of the mission purpose designs is to retrieve personnel; did you notice the open seating between the stern deck and the cabin? Side are high enough to offer some cover/protection. I like the looks of the boat, myself. Seems like a "best of show" model. Maybe the designers aren't trying to make things be transformers or swiss army knives anymore.