***The Newsflash Thread *** Ver.2


Domari Nolo
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Here is an eloquent speech by Liz Cheney. I don't know about you guys but I have not seen it on any of the news channels, including the, wolf in sheep clothing, Fox.

There are 41 freshmen congress persons and the only ones we hear about are the fab 4. Why haven't the other freshmen been given equal air time? Why don't the other congressmen get air time? A seasoned politician in the house, like Liz, puts out a great speech and it gets nothing.

Who does the media think they are kidding??


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Where is this news at???

Is she gonna run with Oprah as her running mate?

This would mean we have to look at that fugly mug all the time... I cant bear to even consider such a horrific circumstance...
I was reading unedited transcript of the Wookie's mental diarrhea (twitter), referencing its opinion about President Trump....

Seriously looked like pre-positioning for an announcement - "ducks in a row", so to speak...

It is My Fervent Prayer that I am Completely Mistaken!