***The Newsflash Thread *** Ver.2


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Hello all!

Here is a fresh start for the Newsflash Thread. Here are two big things to remember:

1. This thread is in topside. Everything in the thread is visible to casual internet surfers who visit our site.

2. This is our "radar" - a quick glance reference of reported news flashes by our members. So keep on topic. Any large issue that gets a lot of posts will be trimmed out and a new thread will be created for it. As usual.

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Winter is coming. Forever.
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They're ruining everything. Pulp fiction is one of the finest films of my lifetime and it's on my ban list because of actors getting into politics. Still haven't watched to/past infinity war, these actors need to act not opine. Sad part is i'll probably only up whatever ridiculous sum they want for the remastered in 4k box set with all 23 movies. I'll bet it's over 3k$ fiat.

The Branch Manager

Winter is coming. Forever.
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Kodi. Shhhhhh.

It’s a way to watch what you want and make sure they don’t get a dime. :).
It's not even about the money. I just cannot "allow myself" (?) to enjoy watching these multiculturalists destroy a franchise that I'm emotionally invested in on a lifetime level. It's probably petty, but something inside me just grinds knowing everyone on screen hates everything about me. I don't think I ever wronged these people, nor have I tread upon their people to my knowledge. Can't things just go back?