The "good news for a change" thread


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Last week I had a little old lady come in with a single shot break action .410 shotgun.

Nothing fancy, the only problem is that it was super dirty. She said her husband always kept it clean for her but since he died it hadn’t been cleaned.

I went really in-depth with cleaning it and fixed a few other problem areas on it before they became bigger problems. I also polished some spots up to make it easier and smoother for her to operate since should couldn’t have been over 90lbs soaking wet. I ended up just charging her for a regular cleaning but because I’ve got a soft spot for female shooters especially older ones.

Today she came in just to say thanks. This weekend she had a 7-foot rattlesnake try to kill her cats on the front porch and she blasted him three times with the shotgun with working flawlessly every shot.

The fact that she went out of her way to swing by the shop and tell me thank you made my month.