The Bull Shed Sched Thread: standing QSO schedule-


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Those curves delineate Maximum Useable Frequency. Ya want to be beneath the curves. Longer waves (lower frequencies) reach further.

If you are above the MUF, your signal doesn't bounce off the Ionosphere...bouncing is how ya reach further.

See the notes below the graphs - they note that, when using SSB and/or lower power (than 1500 Watts! - That is US!) the LUF (lowest useable frequency) will be [usually somewhat higher] than the Blue Curve... so you can see how/Why We are kinda juuust sliding in our QSOs under the limitations most of the time (on 40Meters/7.xxxMHz).
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So, Folks, I went hunting every last erg to send at youse.

Took down the 40Meter Dipole and trimmed a Whopping Three Whole Inches off each leg, to bring the lowest possible SWR within the digital part of the Band. Was ~1.95:1@6990. Now, 1.93@7080. Roughly 30KC per Inch!

Took some polishing cloth to all the Antenna and CoAx connections (except the one Waay up there).

[EDITED TO ADD]: Whacked off nearly Twenty Feet of Feedline Co-Ax, and used Silvered AMP connector to terminate. Juuust enough left to reach the Shack, with Two extra Feet for retermination if needed. Eliminated a Right-Angle fitting, so am sending and listening 0.1 dB more! [END EDIT]

Played with the two interacting Power controls of My setup, The "Power Set" in the ICOM, and the TX control on the Interface. Best I can Send to the Tuner is just at 45 Watts.

Sent out all SEVEN! Callsigns.....but nonayouse answered. Could be that You dint know I was calling, or were still working, or maybe the Band wasn't open yet😁

I am Ready For Tomorrow night!
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Trimmed more branches.
Prollly drop a couple more trees in that direction before they leaf out.
Ima give it one more shot Thursday.
If that’s still not good I’ll start swinging the end westward a few degrees at a time.
Try and find a better angle.
I’d like it if I could copy Back40 too.
Those might be mutually exclusive though.


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Distance between FN42DS & CN87QH is 3960.54 km (2475.340 miles), bearing 295.3 degrees

Edit: you type in your grid square and the person you are wanting to talk to's grid square and it figures the azimuth and distance.