The Bull Shed Sched Thread: standing QSO schedule-


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It is kinda unsettling to be engaged in a qso, and have someone break in to ask location, or join in without an invite.

Try My callsign out on, to see how it works for you. IIRC, info is somewhat limited till You register/Join

Here is My Old man's info. He is a "silent key" = Dead, now.



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If I come across a conversation on voice, what's the protocol for asking where they're transmitting from? Trying to determine how far I'm pulling a signal from.

Or, is the protocol just to not?
There’s a section on ARRL website on etiquette that I ran across a couple of weeks ago Back40.
Gives you the official do’s and don’ts.


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Thanks guys, I looked up some callsigns... Texas, Tennessee, and the far south east tip of Florida. I was getting solid voice from all of them, even the one that was a little over a thousand miles away!
if they seem like cool guys just ragchewing, give your call during a pause. Tell them they are your first voice HF cont acts since you got your General. Most hams would be tickled to talk to you.