Survivor Filter Responds to Coronavirus Concern

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Still WuFlu free.
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Here was a short review I posted about it in another thread:

Got to really test this filter out today. First off they’re completely sold out on Amazon, and their carbon filters (good for 500+ gallons) are back ordered right now.

This link is for the filter and extender pack that I might pick up just for redundancy:

The pump itself is crazy simple to service, easy to use and rather rugged. I was worried about it being plastic, so I decided to pump 5 gallons of water from a water tote that’s been used to haul non-potable water in the past into a water tote that is cleaned and ready for drinkable water.


I ran it rather hard attempting to really wear it out and just wore myself out. The pump had no problem, at first I was worried about friction from the pump to the housing it’s in creating a problem but all it did was wear down the burrs in the plastic so now the pump is super smooth. It wasn’t fast, to pump the full 5 gallons took about an hour. After that I drained the hoses, ran the pump a few times to get all the water out of it and packed it all up.

Water tasted great, like bottled water if I had to compare it to something else.

I‘m really impressed and it packs down really small. If anything I’m going to get tons of use out of it camping.