Survival kits, paracord bracelets with survival gear


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Howdy folks,

I ran a successful side business on Amazon for a couple years, until the Chinese started selling the exact same thing for half the price.

Result is I've closed the business and now have a bunch of remaining inventory. I'm not looking to clear a profit on these, just get rid of them and cover cost.

Some of these items I may only have one or two of, others I probably have 25 or 30.

"Grenade" style survival kits - $3
Survival bracelets, all types - $2.50
Paracord quick release bracelet - $1.00
Prices don't include shipping.

If you want a bunch of them for a survival group, ham club, scout troop, etc let me know and we'll work out something even better.

My goal is to get rid of them - both the wife and myself are tired of the boxes in the closet!

Here's what I've got:

"Grenade" style survival kits. Grey/yellow, digital camo, pink/grey, OD green, hi vis yellow/orange.

We have these clipped everywhere - go bags, kids backpacks, wife's purse...


Paracord survival bracelets. Contents are inside the bracelet, in plastic. The clasps are fire starters. Hi vis yellow/orange, digital camo, yellow/grey, pink/grey.


Same thing, with button compass.

Black, green pattern that I forget the name of, yellow/grey, orange/grey, digital camo, pink/grey, brown and green.


Here's the contents of the grenade style kits (left) and the bracelets (right).


And lastly, quick release, wide band paracord. Not survival kits, just paracord.



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