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An excellent read, thanks for sharing.

I used to always tell my young soldiers that recently became NCOs That while it was fun to power trip on your stripes from time to time or enjoy the privilege of rank. At the end of the day being a leader meant serving your Joes. (slang for lower enlisted in the Army) You needed to lead by example, that means being through the door in the morning before your guys and leaving normally last after making sure all their issues and questions for the day had been adaquetly resolved.

Leadership means doing all the hard work as an example to those under you and doing it with a smile on your face so they know not only is success possible it’s the most likely outcome because you are going to make it so and show them how to help toward that end.

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Lead by example.. be honest about what has to be done, and who has the necessary skills
to do it.. humour is critical. Give someone credit if they are actually trying. It is easy to chew
someone out, but not so easy to spot and grow potential. Work is work, not a mystery.
I never give someone a job that I wouldn't or couldn't do myself.


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When I was med retired from the Army in 1999, I was First Sgt of a light Infantry company. I got hurt in August 97 and spent almost nine months recovering. I had a string of young soldiers sneaking into the hospital to bring me double cheese whoppers which I used to love. I gained so much weight lying in bed (two fractured vertebrae and a shattered shoulder) that four weeks after I was admitted, they had to split my body cast because I was outgrowing it. We would laugh and joke and they would tell me what was going on in the unit and after they left I would fall into a depression knowing what I had lost forever.

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