Show me your rain barrels!


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I really want to get a rain barrel set up either yet this year or by next spring, but I don't have a great spot for one at the moment. My parents have one that is overly elaborate (running a downspout overhead to reach a barrel situated away from their house) and absolutely not what I'm looking for, but I don't know anyone else that has one.

Any photos would be great, especially any gutter/downspout modifications.


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Rain barrel?

It’s rained here almost every day for a month. Again tonight/ tomorrow and some on Sunday too.

We were in a low level drought but not anymore. I’m considering a water storage system but haven’t figured out how I’m going to go about it. I want a small pond.
Like a large water feature. Not just a barrel or a stock tank and not a ginormous plastic tank either. Something that blends in to the landscape.


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I just got 4 - 55 gal blue poly drums. I have 4 downspouts; they'll get cut off and run into the barrels, sitting on a a couple concrete blocks. If I get "fancy" I'll add a diverter for when the barrels are full... or some other such overflow situation. Because like 240 - it's raining here again too. It's TOO WET to even mow around here.


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Yes. Yes it is. The 5 yards of loam that the landscaper spread yesterday now have the consistency of chocolate pudding. And that’s where it didn’t wash out completely.


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Howdy and welcome Greyman! That is a fantastic looking set up. The property my wife and I are planning to buy has a 24 x 48 building that we intend to put metal roof on, and I want to do a rain catchment set up. I never thought of putting a bucket on top to use as a screen, screening has been one of my concerns with using the 250 gallon totes.


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Wow. That was a fast reply!

Thanks for the welcome.

The buckets have screen in them, and you can see the overflow. There is also a small hole drilled in the bottom of the bucket to let the water eventually drain out, at least below the level of the screen.

Experience has shown me that the system I have makes it's own overflow, as I don't have the bucket sealed to the top of the tank.

I have a short (12") piece of pipe sticking down into the tote from the bucket. The piece of pipe sticks up into the bucket a couple inches to let anything heavy sink to the bottom and not get entrained with the flow into the tote.

My roof is shingles, not metal, so that's not ideal. I run the water through a couple whole-house sediment filters and a whole-house activated charcoal filter before I put it on the garden. I would run it through another drinking water filter if I had to drink it.

Protip: Avoid the Harbor Freight pumps. I have burned out 2 of their 12V pumps, and their AC pump

HF Pump.jpg

Like this one is ferrous metal, and has rusted stuck after about every use. It's a PITA to get unstuck. Buy a Wayne utility pump instead. Not that much more expensive, but trouble free.

Wayne pump.jpg

Anyway, more than you probably wanted to know!