RV heater problem


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I have a kinda weird situation, to me anyway. My furnace is screwy.

On the inside.
The thermostat is working.
Air is coming from the vents but it's not warm, won't get warm no matter how long it runs.

On the outside.
At the exhaust it's hot.
You can tell when the furnace kicks on and shuts off by the temp of the exhaust. I measured it by holding my hand in front of it, there's a noticeable difference between on and off.

Anybody have any idea what the problem is, Son of Liberty?

I'll get some pics up but I'm pretty sure it's a Atwood.

I'll also try to keep the thread updated with my attempted repair. :poop:


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Here is a basic troubleshooting vid. If you follow these steps, you should get a good idea of what isn't working which will make diagnosing the actual problem easier.


don't panic and carry a towel
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I still need to figure out what's going on with mine.
I've put it on the back burner and have a electric heater for now.


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On my 5th wheel, the a/c and heat are separate systems. The a/c vents are in the ceiling. Heat comes from floor vents. Seems odd to me that there would be any dampers as I was thinking most systems would operate this way.


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Some systems wait till the heat exchanger is hot before starting the blower fan, and some just have a time delay (on pick up) relay. Might have a dead blower fan or circuit. Critters have nested in blower fan housing? Heat exchanger sensor dead, doesn't see the heat? Bad burner, not burning on side with heat sensor?