re: Wuhan War Virus: Thoughts and Prayers go out....


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LOL... I was talking about that with Hol's widowed friend who came to visit. She had noticed it too... not only were we finally catching up with things on the to-do list... but ya know what? If we didn't get to it today - we had more to do tomorrow! And all of a sudden that was a GOOD thing.

Mel's Cookin'

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The busiest places in our town have been Ace Hardware and Lowe's Home Improvements. They well outpaced the grocery stores for customer volume and I'm pretty sure more stuff has gotten done around houses here than had occurred in the previous decade.

The man helping me at Ace Hardware the other day said they had been having to dedicate an employee to mix and stir paint for three straight days.

When this is all over, there are going to be men everywhere who kiss the door frame of the building the work in, they'll be so grateful to get back to work.

Oh, veterinarians have been busy too. People bringing in Trixie because she's xyz... which is something Trixie has done all her little doggie life, just no one had been home all day to watch it incessantly. My parents took their puppy in because he was scrubbing his butt across the yard... vet told them his butt probably itched. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: They've had this puppy for 2 months. They've had him to the vet 3 times in that 2 months not including the shots, checkup and neutering the day they got him.


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@Mel's Cookin' -that is often a sign that the Anal Glands are impacted. Requires a lubricated finger inside and Thumb outside, and a gentle squeeze of the swollen gland and or massage of the duct, to express the goo that is causing the pain/pressure/"itching"...

Puppy is maybe painting the carpet/floor with aforementioned stinky goo...

Ask Vet if He/She checked that?