Pole Barn Rotten Wood Repair-Help


Domari Nolo
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I am looking for suggestions. A few of the poles on my barn are rotting at ground level. Eventually i will shore up, dig out and replace the poles but I don't have time to do the proper repairs right now. I am looking for thoughts on how to:

1) Stop / slow down the rot that is occurring (both from fungus and from ants)
2) Do a temporary repair to maintain strength.

Do any of you guys have suggestions? There is so much crap on line. A person could spend days reading about this, that and everything else. By the time you get done reading, a person could have fixed the problem 10x over. Hence the reason I'm asking you all.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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I'm being a horrible slave driver today, but I've got some suggestions for you. When you repour your post, take a bucket and make 6" rings and pour above grade. Before you pour, seal the bottom 5' (assuming 36" depth) with that blue waterproofing stuff, I'll get the name later.

Old time fence guy told me about that, but shown me 30yo fence posts still in great shape.