Perhaps we should start prepping for this

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Winter is coming. Forever.
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Eggplant is the worst of the nightshade family for my RA. Nothing swells me up that much, that fast. After researching what I could, it seems that eggplant is toxic in larger quantities, and it is recommended only once a month iirc. I'll try to find that literature. Obviously if it's not bothering you keep eating it, but if you're fighting inflammation and notice it worseafter you eat eggplant, that's probably the reason. Several pounds of white potatoes don't affect me like one slice of eggplant parmesean.


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Something got into my potato patch and dug up - but otherwise left alone - my seed potatoes. This was going to be the year I took the time to build raised gardens, but it didn't happen. Now, I'm thinking that I'll go 100% container-based for taters and potentially other stuff next year.

Still, using last fall's dried leaves as a growing medium seems to be working. But makes it entirely too easy for critters to get at them.


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I tried eggplant once. Ended up going to the grocery for 'em. That year a I had a bumper crop of stuff - but the eggplant never flowered.
Couple we had last year looked like a mercy killing would have been kinder to them.
Obviously did not produce.
Weather is a huge factor here. It's been in the high 80s low 90s but it could be in the 60s tomorrow with 50s overnight..
Forecast says rain and so you don't water but it doesn't rain. Or vice versa.
It gets hot and humid in July and the blight kicks in with those conditions.
Then there the squirrels, chipmunks, deer....


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We have Raccoons, Deer, Bear, Fishers, All sorts of Rodents, and have not lost Potatoes. We use Hardware Cloth Cylinders for the Potatoes. Plants end the season nearly Four Feet Tall, Three or so Feet across. Then, as we need them, we unlace the hardware cloth cylinder(s) and take what We need.

Didn't put any in this Year, as am an "inside cat" for another Year. Maybe next Year.