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I'd all but given up on finding a compact lightweight utensil set for my bag. I HATE a spork and most of the time backpacking spoons I just don't like the shape of the damn things. Eventually I gave up and swiped a spoon and fork from the kitchen.

Until today.

Went to Academy today to get a lifestraw and this was on clearance for $5. A quick Google search revealed that it was $20+ elsewhere so good deal.
4.9 stars with 14 reviews on Amazon. The one 4 star is from a tree hugger wanted to use less plastic when they eat out, they found it hard to separate. One other Weiner thought the blade was a little to stiff opening but still gave 5 stars, I actually like the harder to open blade on this.
420J2 SS
Knife is very sharp but the grind is not even close to the same on both sides. One side is very well done and defined the other side barely has a bevel.
Bottle opener
Can opener
Flathead screwdriver
Wrenches 8mm/⅝ to 13mm/½
Carry bag

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Front and back


Action shot

Ready to go home to my BOB

Tried it out with dinner tonight and it cut my chicken fine. The fork got the chicken and taters to my mouth and the spoon hasn't got a hole in it.
All said it's worth $20+ but I'm sure glad I found it for $5.