Out Of Control Cops Violate Rights For THEIR Safety


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Yet another calamity of over amped cops and citizens that won't shut up. If they all would calm down, speak clearly one at a time, this wouldn't have gotten so tense. Having that babbling woman on the porch yelling constantly did nothing but add to the chaos and confusion. The black male should have calmly insisted that his DMV ID be run and then no warrants, etc. He didn't need to act like Johnny Corchran and toy with the cops who were already in a frustrated state of mind.

All of that over a UPS delivery. Good grief.


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Exactly what I got out of the hole thing.
Everyone yapping at once. People calling cops on misdelivered package. Everyone thinks they’re right. Blah blah.
How about everyone act like adults.
How about cops decide. “You know what? We’re going to withdraw and de-escalate before someone does something that we’ll all regret.