Off The Grid Maple Syrup Production


Domari Nolo
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Don, I'm not sure how those bottlers would work with syrup. As the syrup would cool and possibly plug the lines up. The key to bottling syrup is keeping it HOT but not boiling, both for canning temperature and flow. The commercial units typically use some sort of water bath to maintain temperature. Like a double boiler with a spigot attached to the top pot.


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Have wondered for a while, O:gweh. Could maple syrup of this sort be used to blend/temper home stilled whiskey? Don't mean to derail, but the thought has kinda crossed my mind a time or three....
I bet it could. Don't see why not. But then again, I'm not a whiskey distiller...yet. Someone here would know, I bet.
Interesting. I'm not a spirits drinker at all but do enjoy sipping Wild Turkey American Honey. It is smooth and has the flavor of, well, whiskey and honey. Pleasant. I would imagine something could be done with syrup if honey can be used successfully. 2 cents.