Off grid security camera system


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I have been unable to find what I'm looking for regarding an off grid camera security system, so I figured I would see if the group here has any suggestions.

I'm looking for a camera system with all of the following features:

1) Solar powered
2) Night vision
3) No internet connectivity
4) Has a closed circuit wireless connection to a single tablet or laptop
5) Alert capable
6) Video and photo capable

I've struck out on finding something that meets these criteria. Thoughts?


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If you delete the solar-power requirement, you will probably find one.

Then you need to do the solar power separately.
That's an option, if I can come up with a solar panel option and a battery option that works for each camera.

My goal is to not have the system dependent on the grid... We have an average of 5 days a year with no power here. Plus it's easy to cut power to a home if you have nefarious intent.


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A single deep cycle battery and solar charger per camera ought to be a feasible work-around. And, by way of bonus, you can include a fence charger on a separate circuit (them are available solar powered) to safeguard the solar power rig, the battery and the camera system.


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I know it’s not exactly what you’re looking for but Costco has a wired system for around $500. A simple solar setup could probably power it. What are your goals for such a system, away from home notifications?