Off grid dishwasher wont run on our inverter help

I have a brand new dishwasher that does not run on my off grid system. The dishwasher is an Amana by whirlpool however I have had three dishwashers before it that all present similar problems. The previous dishwashers were used and I assumed that I simply had bad luck but upon installing the new one with the same problem I figure it has to be my system. I got confirmation of this when I installed the dishwasher at a different home on the grid and it functioned normally. My system is comprised of a 24-volt sealed lead acid battery Bank that is more than large enough roughly 3400 watts of solar peak, along with a 24 volt DC generator for backup and boosting power when needed. My inverter which is I'm assuming the first thing everyone is going to question is a power jack brand 15000w continuous 65000 Watt peak. This is not an Outback or any other top brand name but I have to say to all of the naysayers this is a very impressive inverter as far as its power output it is a pure sine wave inverter split phase. Has both 110 and 220 AC outputs and it does not use mosfet power supplies instead it has gigantic Transformers I have ran my 80 gallon 220 volt air compressor as well as my 220 volt arc welder without issue it runs my entire house in a somewhat conventional fashion full size refrigerator 220 volt well septic ejector pump Etc. we also run sensitive computer equipment for our business and I've had zero issues this system runs everything flawlessly except for the dishwasher. If anyone has any ideas throw them at me. I had a whirlpool service technician come out and inspect the unit we determined that I have over 40 PSI of water pressure there is no drip sensor in this dishwasher and to top it off I am getting over 115 volts ac at the outlet under load. At the unit wiring harness I am getting no less than 114.9 volts under load. The dishwasher Powers up the door sensor engages making a clicking noise as it should and then all of the lights blink dim like flashing a code. we also tried running the dishwasher off of our gas generator and it refused to run off that as well so we thought there was something wrong with the dishwasher itself but as I stated above it runs fine off of a grid system.