New pole barn for Camp NoFly

That’s fantastic!! I LOVE old tools like that.

Now that my dividing wall is up in my barn so the shop side gets less chicken dust, I’ve started the tool build up too! Love buying tools!

I just ordered a metal working lathe on Friday, pretty excited for it to come. I wanted one of the old ones, but replacement parts are pretty much nonexistent, so I got this one, along with the metal gear kit and a bunch of tooling.


It’s one of the few mini lathes that’s actually set up in imperial so there’s no unit conversion necessary.

Also ordered a plasma cutter.

Love watching your barn build. I wish I could have built my own so I could have laid it out the way I want like you are, but gotta work with what you got.


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I'm glad my barn build is interesting, BA...but it's killing me.
I work my 9-5 and come home and work in the barn till dark-30 most every day. Saturdays are an all day event.
Just came inside a minute ago after finishing painting to kitchen closet.
Trimming out the windows and setting the door between the kitchen and shop comes next.
I'll be glad when this project is done!