New pole barn for Camp NoFly


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I may have missed it but what are the building dimensions? (I'm planning on having one put up. Still debating on the size.)
Mines 26’x50’. Sometimes I wish it was bigger, but then I’d have more room for crap. I also have an 8x8 corner as the chicken coop.

There’s a 4’ deep mezzanine along one of the 26’ end walls and about 24’ of a long wall. Ceiling is a little over 10’, so I built the mezzanine just tall enough for me to walk under, so the area on top of the mezzanine is a little under 4’ tall. Great place to store seasonal crap and.... stuff.


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I planned on putting in a 3 bay pole barn / garage before winter. It was one of my pre-election projects but I didn't make it.

I changed plans slightly. My dad is 88 and still lives alone. Still independent but I worry about how much longer he can remain that way. Getting pretty unsteady on his feet. He is a bit too far away for me to make daily runs with any convenience. So I am strongly considering making one of the bays of the pole barn into an apartment for him. My house is 2 stories so he can't stay with me. Not to mention it would probably turn into a wrestling match at some point. lol

Anyway it changes the plans a bit, so I am holding off until I work out the details. I am thinking 40 x 28. I want to go bigger but it won't look right, proportionally by the house. 30 might fit but I thought 28 simple from a plywood dimension standpoint. I could certainly be overthinking that though.

Right now I am considering attic trusses. I plan on a 5 / 12 pitch with the rafters running the 28' way. I know that doesn't leave me much space in the "attic" but I am just looking for storage, even if I can't quite stand up straight up there. Not sure yet.


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Cabinet harvest went well.
It took Mrs NoFly and I about six hours to wreck out the cabinets.
We brought one pickup load home with us and got the rest on a trailer the next day.
Just for gits and shiggles, we mocked up the new kitchen to see how everything would fit.
This is how the mockup looked. (Pardon the bad lighting)