My water system here at the Lodge

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My water system is designed for medium capacity ( max 100 people ) including cabins,
a full restaurant style kitchen, laundry room, and the lodge with multiple bathrooms.
Since this is a seasonal operation, the whole system is designed to be easily maintained,
and drained at the end of the season. Black Poly pipe is the key here. Cheap, easy to use,
and easily adaptable to any plumbing set up.
The pumphouse is designed around 2 150 gallon spun fibreglas/epoxy water tanks, and
schedule 80 CPVC pipe. No rubber membranes in the tanks. They break down in hard
water, and will clog everything. the whole system can be disassembled without tools,
other than a nut driver for the hose clamps..
From this the water heads to a .5 micron filter, and a ultraviolet filter... a bleach injection system is
inline if we need to meet health code to open for the public..


once outside the pumphouse, I run 2" poly pipe, and tee off and step down as needed.. easy to
assemble with nylon hose barbs and hose clamps, the pipe can be cut quickly with a regular
handsaw. A propane torch will soften the pipe for easier handling..
A couple of hundred feet of 2" poly holds a lot of water at pressure, so the pump doesn't kick in as
often as you would think. Teed off at buildings, down to 3/4" poly, then to 1/2 copper. I know everybody
loves Pex and the other water pipe systems, but pound for pound in my opinion, nothing beats a
properly designed and installed copper water system. Since I drain every building at the end of the season,
low spots have drain valves, as do the hot water tanks.
I will show the above ground septic system next time..


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Nice simple system. I take it there are no code inspectors in your area? Do you insulate the pipes in case of a hard freeze? or just drain the whole system until spring?

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Yeah, Sarc, it come right out of the bay...
This system has been in for over 10 years now, Jay... the old system was galvanized
tanks and pipe, and it was starting to corrode because of the bleach injection and
the hard water..
If we were open and running, we would get health inspections. But this is private
now, so the only time we see anybody is if a neighbour complains. A steady supply
of fresh bread and Pike keeps the neighbours happy, and most camps are only
occupied for a few weeks in July or August.
I just drain everything, SoL.. my cabin has an insulated line with an Easyheat cable
in it so it doesn't freeze in the winter. They really work well, but they cost an arm
and 5 legs. If the power goes for a few days, I have a hole in the ice ready to go for
water. It is a 30 foot walk from my front door.
When I first started working here, I was sure the entire place was plumbed by
idiots.. Macguyver 101.. don't even get me started on the electrical stuff!!


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This area there are many camps and cabins that have been converted over the decades.
From country cabin to year round living to multi room/level house to actual code compliant home.
I’ve seen a lot of those in between phases and most go from amusing to terrifying condition.


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So it works pretty fast. 10GPM would stay ahead of many faucets open at the same time. In the US, I think kitchen faucets are limited to 2.2GPM.

I see the 12V version uses 14 watts. That would be doable on an off grid system (which is why I was wondering).

I assume your bay has pretty clean water? No heavy metals from mining operations? Just have to kill the critters with the UV light.

This is a good thread on how to do it if the cabin is by a lake!


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The local cottage association tests the water every week, and the levels
are in the p.p.b.( parts per billion) range. I have no filtration on my cabin
at all.. a couple of million gallons roll by my waterline every day. I'm
right at the end of the North Channel, which is a huge area.. if you zoom
out from my place, you will see what I mean.!3m1!1s0x4d2e1d1ecc449649:0xb99acc342f699955


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My in laws had a residential system with UV. It was on all the time as well. Don’t think it uses much electricity as it basically just a light bulb.
Well , pump, pressure tank, water softener, and Sediment and UV filter.
Built in the 30s that place was on its third well and the water was terrible.

200 yards from the Atlantic so I guess that counted for something.