My Quarantine Boredom Bread Adventure

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Nothing beats fresh homemade bread.. you know what went into it, and once you get a few
recipes under your belt, you will get addicted. It takes me about 20 minutes to get the dough
together, and I let mine rise twice ( an hour each rise ) and another hour to bake it.
See if you can get some bread flour.. it does make a difference. I usually buy a block of yeast
for 8 bucks and throw it in the freezer. Keep some in a plastic container and bring it out
an hour or so before you start to make your dough.

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No i didn’t proof the yeast. Going strictly by the recipe. I have 3 packs of yeast so I will be making 3 loaves each day. I didn’t know the temperature mattered so much
When I was talking about the "proof" stage in the bread temperature thread, I meant the stage of proofing the bread, that is the first rise of the dough. For the recipe you used, that was the stage that was the 4 hours in the bowl.

Your bread looks great! That recipe looks like a keeper. I usually have it a little warm for the beginning of the first rise, yesterday's pizza crust dough was on the back of the stovetop while I scrambled my eggs for breakfast and that's all the heat it got. The second stage wouldn't even need that much of a push, but if you find at the end of the time for the second rise that the dough hasn't doubled because it was a little cooler in the room, then give it another 30 minutes or so rise time (in that second rise after you've put it in the pan) before you bake it.


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Practice will yield results.. excellent first run. I make bread every week and I've done it for about
15 years now. Buns are my go to because you can tailor the size for hamburgers or sloppy joes,
or honkin' sandwiches.. View attachment 16838 View attachment 16839
How do you make a softer loaf or bun? Mine had a nice crusty crust that would be nice for a panini, French toast, or dinner bread but not so much for cold cuts or my favorite PB&J