Muscle gain.


Domari Nolo
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That's a good idea Branch.

Personally, I would skip over all the hard work, eating right and getting proper rest. That's just way too difficult. I would skip supplements also. Way too expensive.

Spend the money on muscle implants. Then you can look like Arnold and be as strong as a 12 yr old.


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Protein is the biggest thing, that and knowing what your doing in the gym. I’m not big in to a ton of supplements I drink whey shakes, use a multivitamin and fish oil and that’s about it.

A lot of my workouts revolve around functional fitness, running, rucking, lifting, and working out in armor. Right now I’m on a cut cycle (trying to loose fat after a bulking cycle) so my workouts revolve around a lot of cardio right now. When I bulk I tend to eat more carbs and protein along with a more lifting based work out program. It’s the fastest way to gain mass but you also gain fat so you need to mix in cut cycles to keep yourself trim and functional.


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Maintenance program is the key to the matter. Get where you are going is not that big a deal. Managing to stay there as you age? That's where it gets complicated.