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I've never really cooked a lot in the field. I'd eat cold MREs or protein bars.
But now I'm starting to think a hot meal might be in order from time to time.
The stuff I had for car camping trips was just to big and now with the RV that stuff is definitely not going to work.
I've tried using a ESBIT but its a PITA honestly.
Sterno stoves are bulky.
Propane fuels are bulky and cold weather can cause problems.
Liquid fuels are messy.
Blended fuel is the best option for my needs.

I wanted a kit small enough to fit one of the outside pouches of my ALICE pack but big enough for cooking half a cup of rice in.
Wanted a lid.
Wanted it all to nest into the pot.
Light weight.
Less than $50.

Looked at Academy and they have a Stanley 24oz pot with 2 10oz cups for $25 but the same kit is $15 at WM. So I bought it from WM.
Academy had small tanks of fuel, 110g vs 220/250g sizes. $3.99 bought 2.
My Coleman Peak 1 stove was to big to nest so I got a Magellan ultra light stove at Academy for $15
Total of $38+tax counting the gas tanks.

I really wanted to include one of the cups that came with the Stanley kit but it wouldn't fit the stove. More on the cup later.

Pot, lid, matches, stove, gas and small piece of scotch bright.


Just enough room with everything in.

Difference in size of cans.

I was happy with the weight<20oz. But I wanted that cup. I had a SS cup that the new Stanley fit in but was loose so I put the scotch bright between cup and pot, perfect fit no rattling and makes it tight fit. Think the cup was $5. Cost me 4oz but I can live with it.

Total is about $35 plus the gas so call it $40 with one tank. I could've used the 220g tank I had for awhile but I couldn't nest it.
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don't panic and carry a towel
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Thanks HL. Hopefully someone else can get a idea from it.

You did good! Being able to have a self contained cook kit is big! Being able to have a dedicated pocket for it in your pack is better yet. Like its made for it!
I think it is going to be a good addition.

My wife and I each have one of those. Great kit!! I removed a cup and put fire starting stuff and water treatment tabs.
I really like the cups included in the set. I'll find a use for them.