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The video creator is conjecturing that the IC-7300 is such a good radio at such a low price that it's going to drive down the price of other, used radios.

Personal opinion: Unless you really enjoy ham radio, and like all the bells and whistles, there's no need to invest in a $1000 radio. For preparedness/survival purposes, a much more inexpensive/older radio will serve your purposes just as well.

I just bought a perfectly functional used radio for $200, but the real bargain is used Icom-718s. I see used examples several times a week for under $400, shipped. It's a modern, simple radio that's still in production.

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Then it appears the 718 will be the first item on my shopping list. I've got to get the room built first though. And that's going to be dependent on about three weeks of dry weather so I can tear off half of this roof and the outside wall replace the door with a wall cinder blocks.


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The 718 is for me, the "Goldilocks" choice - tough and simple enough, with enough on- board features and instrumentation to enhance the Shack's utility. It is a "Knobs with buttons" style, which makes operation fairly simple and straightforward, but with simple menus for less-used functions.

If You are gonna buy used, look for fairly recent model, or one that Owner added the DSP option. New ones are being sold with that option installed - (worth over $250.00). TXCO option (high stability Temperature controlled Crystal) is a plus in an older unit, but is not necessary for OLIVIA Digital mode. If you buy a used unit with Voice Synthesis option, You can sell that and recover some of the purchase price, as they are no longer manufactured, and are cherished by sight impaired Hams.

Brand New, from Amazon, units are going for circa $650.00. Used, have seen them circa $400.00. Might be worth buying New?
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