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I'm going to give keto a whirl for a couple weeks. I'm not an overweight guy, but I did put in maybe 7 pounds over the holidays. So I could stand to lose maybe 10-12 pounds.

I hate having that layer of fat on my belly. Drives me nuts, and I can't hide my G19 as well since I carry appendix!

Anyway, I've been reading about the benefits of keto not only for weight but also for mental sharpness and energy levels.

I started today. I do feel a little weird... But we'll see if that lasts or not.

I'll update you every now and then. I should probably take before and after pics...


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While we were doing fertility treatments, someone suggested keto as a solution to the issues. It happened to line up with when we were taking a break to figure out how to pay for invetro, so she decided to give it a shot.

She said that the hardest part was actually consuming the ridiculous amount of fat that it calls for!! She had to Be careful because she only had like 5 pounds she could afford to lose before she started to be too thin, but she did lose weight.

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It all centers around your metabolism.. mine is near hummingbird at
the best of times... I am typically around 150 lbs, but I was pushing
165 when I first moved up here. Most of you folks grow your own
meat and veggies, and do a lot of preserving, which is excellent.
I eat what I want, just less of it. If I am really slugging, I eat like
a horse. Otherwise, a bowl of oatmeal, or a few slices of toast for
breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and some kind of protein with
carbs for supper.. popcorn is the snack of choice, but I still get the
jones for potato chips. But other than that, no junk food. All the
coldcuts are made locally, same with beef, pork, and chicken.
Everything else is made from scratch because I am single and
I have the time. I think if you improve the quality of your food
and cut down on the quantity, you will be better off.


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I'm out.

The acid reflux last night was just about enough to kill a man. And I'm on a daily pill for it, too.

Just too much fat for my system to handle with the acid reflux issue.

So, back to the normal lifestyle... Eat well, work outside, do some running.


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I found I had to modify my approach a lot. I HAD to eat carbs, because it screwed with my brain chemistry too much, to go without. That said, I did start adjusting how I eat somewhat and pushed myself physically, working around here. And yes, the weight has been coming off at a comfortable pace.


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Been a few weeks since we’ve started. We aren’t religious about it, more like we’ve cut breads, sugars and such out. Basically meats and greens now with cheese to offset the carbs.
The scale says I’ve lost 6 pounds but I feel and look way thinner. It’s like my body is tightening up or something. I will have some Good NPlenty or a cookie every once in a while but another thing I’ve done is cut down intake and use water to fill me up while I get used to eating less. It’s interesting to watch what others are eating now as we never really paid attention. All our meals are made from scratch now. If we eat out it’s either salads or meats and greens.
Watching people eat now at work I realize half the country is gonna have a heart attack or stroke.


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Just an update. I’m down 25 pounds. Interestingly I’ve stopped getting lightheaded if I don’t eat at certain times and I no longer sweat when I sleep. Not sure exactly what caused those two issues but dropping carbs and sugar did the trick.