India/Pakistan Thread - 2019


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China, a country that does not tolerate islam at all and puts them in reeducation centers, is siding with Pakistan - how quaint. Like Bud said, China's interest is totally economic.

Since we (the USA) are already engaged with the Taliban for a truce of some kind, I'm relatively certain those negotiations will slow a bit as the pentagon and administration consider the value to us and India of having our troops in Afghanistan. I suggest, perhaps my tin foil is on too tight, I suggest that India may have made this move knowing they were losing time to have USA troops on Pakistan's northern flank.

Just a thought.

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This actually has a potential to be good news, for the U.S. and the rest of the world.

There are several things that have been going on with India and China since the beginning of the pandemic.

India was pretty furious over the whole CCP virus issue. It cost India production time and medical services that they did not have time or resources to spare, not that most of us did, but India must keep moving as a nation to keep 16% of the world's population even marginally surviving.

China's increasingly close relationship with Pakistan has greatly concerned India. China and Pakistan as close allies would mean they were essential surrounded on land by communist China.

China is India's biggest customer and biggest importer since they are so close together. The move plans of several companies out of China has given India an opportunity to court some of those businesses to move to India. This has infuriated China and they've been making "remember we're close and we're your best buddy/worst enemy" noises.

India has been on the fence, do they side with more freedom loving countries such as the U.S. or do they cow down to their neighbor, China. They have seemed to realize that if they bow to China, they will be China's prison roommate with all that includes.

So, I think China is trying to remind India just how close and powerful they are, but India is a bit more assertive than perhaps they might have been at one time. President Trump's visit to India "even in our time of trial" toward the beginning of the pandemic, meant a lot to them. I know it horrified people in the U.S., but it was damned good Trump kept the plans as things have now developed.

What we do NOT need is India siding with China. That would put 1/3 of the world's population under control of the Chinese Communist Party. I'm glad to see they didn't automatically apologize to China and start carefully backing away... from their own land.