I think the Earth is turning TOXIC


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Recent articles of new superbugs, Siberian Wildfires, Fishermen getting MRSA from scratches from Fishing!, Beachgoers getting Vulnificus infections that kill, Woman loses limbs due to puppy "kisses", ...

Just seems that life here is getting more danger-riddled each day. Beginning to alarm Me a bit...

Seem that way to any of You?

To Our Doctors: Should I be concerned?


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I think a big part of it is that we live in a vaccinated island in the middle of an unvaccinated world. We have purelled, washed, been given umpteen vaccine shots, are fed food that has been chemically and physically altered, and we have become mentally weak... Our immunities have been scrubbed clean because of this...

Every Tom, dick, and Harriet that comes to our coutry can bring something that we've either never been exposed to or, due to our bodies inability to naturally fight off disease and viruses anymore, is a strain of something similar to the flu and it leads to people getting sicker and developing pneumonia or worse and dying.


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I think Jay nailed it.
The modern world is soft and generally doesn’t do well where it comes in contact with the the third world.
We’re importing all types of bugs from third world countries at an alarming rate.
Carriers of who knows what.
Additionally creating home grown Petrie dishes in metro areas.