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HL, the concept isn't for daily use until we get several. But for those 1-2 mile patrol routes, shuttling people to the work areas, and general light hauling shouldn't they be sufficient? Even if it took a full day to recharge, having 3 setups would make life much better. 30 would make for an impressive fleet. Are you not thinking 5 miles loaded off one charge is double? One could always add a couple batteries to the trailer and have auxiliary charging stations as time went on. There should be batteries and panels everywhere if things go south fast. And yes, my plan does include resource acquisitions from taxpayer funded sources. Trailers theoretically will be made from those solar arrow sign trailers you see everywhere.
Ha! I was planning the Same! It's a Race!!!! My Solar Panels! Mine! LOL!


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My plan, actually, was to buy, (at Surplus/reclaimed prices) Four to Six Electric Bicycle Conversion Wheels, and make a Sulky at minimum weight, of Bicycle tubing. Mountain bike tires, Four Wheels at rear (to accommodate a small cargo load, not much more than a Hundred Pounds or so).

As Far as a Service/Fence repair/Workhorse, I think It would have to be like the Bad Boy Buggies, with a Charging Station. Great Big Golf Cart Batteries, or possibly a Huge 18650 Battery Bank. The Solar Panels on the Buggy would be almost useless, but could power a Radio to call for help. One circuit of @Sacagewea's Estancia might take a Month to recharge, if at all! Remember, batteries have an internal self-discharge that must be outpaced by Solar set-up to gain charge! Bigger Battery Pack means more Required, just to maintain the present charge level, not adding more charge!

For Patrol, I would have Two-Wheel Electric Drive Mountain Bikes!
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"Weed Eater"!! Me Likey!

(Puts on "Engineer" hat): You will not be able to have a completely solar-powered Booney Buggy, cause present Solar Panels cannot gather enough power to keep hungry motor fed, no matter how low powered You go (for a Useful Vehicle)

What You COULD do, is have panels on all useful surfaces on the buggy, ANND a Home/Charging Station, also supplied with Solar panels. Could integrate the Buggy Batteries into the Home Power network, for extra Usefulness.

Just using My 2007 Polaris 700XP, for example: (pulling figures outta My Bung, as Engineers do, all over the World, and drawing on a Napkin at IHOP or Hooters' Depending on Time of Day))

50 Horsepower Gasoline roughly equates to 15 Electric Horsepower. That is 11.25 KW! That is (blank momentary stare) Half an Acre of Solar Cells! Assume a 5% Charge rate for the Battery Pack, that needs (another Blank out), uhhh, 1500 Square Feet of Solar Cells on the Buggy! Won't fit!!!!

I will applaud Your Effort, Help when I can, and offer Trenchant Commentary!
I started a whole new thread: with my thoughts so as not to derail too much here.
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Well, Branch, since you are a professional at this wood stuff this idea must be taken seriously. I have a Dolmar 104 which is 14 years old and has worked hard for me. I am considering the mega version of a Dolmar which costs upwards of $600.00 but it is a brute. Tell me about the torque of the electric model and if there is the possibility of solar charging for these guys.