Hemp oil


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Don’t know if anyone uses hemp oil here but we are trying it. I’ve been taking it about an hour before bed. Sleep like a baby. We also have been giving some to our larger dog. He’s 8 years old and has several complications due to being hit by a car years ago. He’s doing well, even playing and running around like he hasn’t done in a few years.


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I'm on my second 30 days of CBD oil.
Tried the "broad spectrum" first 30 days.
When I went to resupply, I got one bottle of next step up CBD (went from 500 to 750mg).

But I ALSO purchased one bottle of "full spectrum" CBD oil tincture. This one does have the thc element.
I am not pain free, but I can tell I believe it has helped some severity of aches.
I take in the broad spectrum in the morning and the full spectrum at night.

Mine is Sunmed. We have a physical store downtown opened recently.
I'm not sure they put the thc full spectrum one on the website.
link here