Good news for preppers: Primatene Mist is back on the market.


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OK, I requested the full study from the university library.

I'll try to summarize.

-35 EpiPens
-all from Florida, unknown storage conditions
-spanned from 3 months past exp. date to 35 months past exp. date.
-tested for the actual amount of epinephrine in liquid as administered by EpiPen

All EpiPens 24months old or less contained a minimum of 90% of the labeled dose of epinephrine, even though some solutions were discolored.

Take away: In the case of an anaphylactic reaction, an old EpiPen is better than no EpiPen.

Note 1: In reading the study, "EAI" is Epinephrine Auto-Injector.

Note 2: Take the study with a grain of salt. it can be unwise to make a generalization for all EpiPens from a small sample of 35 EpiPens. As well, Florida may be an environment to test the effects of heat on the storage life of EpiPens, but not the effects of cold on the storage life.

Note 3: Even if we take this data as generalizable for all EpiPens, as Mel pointed out, an EpiPen is not a metered dose inhaler (MDI), like Primatene Mist.

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Doing the best I can
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Sorry about the delay. Exp. date appears to be over a year. I bought it shortly after my initial post on Nov. 15th.

Expiration -if I am reading it right- is February of 2021. So, at least 15 months. I don't know how long it sat on the store shelves before I bought it.

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