Get your dental needs tended to before Armageddon!


Self-Determination or Death
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Somewhere around ten years ago, maybe more, I had to get a root canal and multiple fillings all in one go, having basically sworn off dentists after a pretty awful past experience, so I had to be sedated and spent several hours in the chair. It served as a wake-up call not to neglect my teeth.

In the years that followed, things were far less traumatic, if not quite perfect, until I rightly identified an abscess during the initial COVID lockdown when my dentist (and most others) was only taking emergency cases. When things finally opened back up, they took an X-ray that showed major infection around the roots of the tooth where I'd had the root canal. Considering that at least a decade had passed, this wasn't outside the realm of believability, so they referred me to an endodontist who specializes in re-treating root canals. After many COVID-related delays and some of my own doing, I got in right at the end of last year, and the procedure went well enough. Except that it didn't take. And what did I do? I waited several more months, until a regular checkup, when my regular dentist mentioned it.

So, today I got it re-re-treated, this time requiring surgery, cleaning out infected tissue around the roots, putting a filling on one root, and a bone graft. Plan B was to extract the tooth (a molar) which of course might have sounded like a much cheaper option, but there was the prospect of further infection spreading to other teeth anyway, so I went with Plan A and it was a success, at least as far as can be determined so far. I find out in three weeks how it's progressing.

My point to this is that, if we all end up on our own for medical care, dental issues could cause a lot of misery. If you know you need something taken care of, don't be like me. Get it done sooner, not later.

This has been a public service announcement.