Flatpack homes!


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Those are pretty cool. The modular aspect is nice. Meet a girl? Pop one up. Settle down and have a kid? Add another one, etc. The solar panels on the roof were a nice touch too. I think folks on the right need to get more creative with things like this. The right has always had this kill the environment cloud hanging over them. Imagine conservatives getting behind some environmentally friendly projects like these houses? The silent jaw drop from the left would be hilarious.
Back to the post, I love the simplicity of these houses. Think about all the crap we keep stored and crammed in attics etc. Seems like a simple place like these would be a bit less stressful. Less stuff=less money spent.


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Wonder how hard it would be to translate this to concrete honeycomb and tilt-wall the thing? Country living has aways needed to be fire resistant, and these days bullet-resistant is fairly high on my list of housing desires....