Fire Fridays...


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This was from yesterday afternoon,

I had been splitting wood.
But this particular piece sent me over to drinking beer.

I wailed on it for ten minutes before I went and got the wedges.
Two wedges buried in it and still not coming apart.

I parked the maul and went over to an old burn pile and pulled out a log. Cut it to length and saw cut for Swedish torch.

Then took a couple beers up on the hill and watched the sun set. Pretty cool.

I recently found an old abandoned pit. with a concrete ring displaying the four main compass points.
In the center is a rather large diameter steel pipe. I see a lot of potential for fun here.

Insert torch into said pit, add some shaved chips, and let the fun begin.

I need to clean off/brush out around the ring, but it worked for last night.

As is often typical with Swedish Torches, this one was running along and then just collapsed on itself. Billowing smoke and looking pathetic. But if you look close, you can see the red glowing in the bottom.

After about five minutes, it burst back to life,

This was further along,

Am I the only one that gets Demons in his fires. Maybe it's from past life transgressions. But they can be very vivid. This guy was quite life like. Well at least for a fire breathing Demon.
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