Faraday Shields, FABRIC, etc!


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I cannot vouch for their products, as We just got the Key Covers...

Nice construction. The "Shiny" lining seems to be metal cloth. Unsure how many flexes it will withstand, but "as new" it is quite nicely done.

Suspect that the "serial number"is bogus...will have to check the other (we bought two). Sorry! The tag with Ser. No. is just offscreen in the photo.

EDITED TO ADD: Nope! Serial numbers are really serialized.....hmmm
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Need a "Big" storage? Buy a Metal garbage can in size You need. We have 20?gallon ones, 55 gallon ones.

We use Cookie/Cake tin boxes for small items like Cameras, thumb drives, external hard drives, solid state drives, etc. Then inside either another Cake tin or garbage can.

Have soldered (or Sewn, with wire) metal screen (usually brass, or hardware cloth)covers for Generators, Pump Motors, etc.

Chicken wire is too large openings, but Hardware Cloth (with 1/2 inch or smaller holes) is OK. Smaller the holes, higher frequencies protected, so more protection overall.


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IF Gunsafe has Metal to metal contact at door edges, pretty good.

Any wire entering with charging, or data in/out, can be dangerous for device connected, but there IS A WAY You can have pretty good protection and still be charging or communicating....use RF inductive chokes on the wire outside the container. It is always a question if what You Install is enough.


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Like HL said. The gaps at door or cover edges and hinges need to be RF sealed. Solid surfaces are not permeable.
Aluminum foil, tape can help.
The tighter the mesh or screen the higher the frequency of shielding.
Metal tins with tight fitting lids are perfect for small items.
Cookie tins, tea tins, etc.