Entropy's Alaska Duck Hunting


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Have a great trip! If you make it to Anchorage stop by The Great Alaskan Bush Company for a cold beverage!
If it’s still there.


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You're gonna love Seldovia, Doc! My family visited a couple years ago, and we were charmed by this tiny town. Really cool chainsaw carved statues (they have an annual chainsaw carving contest ), but I didn't do any hunting or fishing.

Good luck and stay safe! I'd love to see some pics!


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Drinks have been great!!

Day 2 was rougher - worked harder for ducks, a lot more misses, and lost quite a few birds. We also had a malfunction with my buddies drone and lost $1800 worth of drone and camera into the bay. Plus our guide lost his crab pot. But got our goldeneyes.

Screenshot_20191112-180939_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20191112-180956_Gallery.jpg

Day 3 was a blast. Shot a lot of surf and white wing scoter, few others to boot. Eating a lot of duck tonight!


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Day 4 and final day in Seldovia, Alaska. Shot a pretty mix of birds, rounding out the last few we wanted. In 4 days of hunting we shot 56 ducks and 7 different species. This place is simply stunning.

Right before we left I heard an awesome quote from the show MeatEater, and it is really fitting for this trip.

"I sometimes ask myself, in all seriousness, why do you like hunting so much? I realise how hard it is to fully answer that. The meat is paramount and the camaraderie is special to me. Then way up the list as well is the things that you see, and my God I have seen things of stunning beauty offered up by the wild like something falling from the fingertips of a God. If I were to make a list of the most astounding things I have been privileged to witness, the top of that list have come here in ... Alaska." - Steven Rinella Screenshot_20191113-233050_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20191113-233039_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20191113-233106_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20191113-233133_Gallery.jpg


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MyTFine, Doc!

Really Enjoyed My times in that State. Inland Waterways between Seattle and Whittier or Valdez, on a Tugboat hauling Rail Barges for Several Visits. Made a couple runs that ventured across the Gulf of Alaska for faster delivery, but (mostly) in good Weather Gambles.

Tankers, fetching Crude Oil from Alaska, for European Refineries. The Steamship Overseas Natalie was the Second Tanker to make that run. We got busted for Smoking Too Much in Valdez! Fireman couldn't do His job, so the White Hats (Lawyers and Ecological Police of some sort) came and arrested Me (I was the Engineer on Watch) and The Captain.

There was a period of time that the Ship and Cargo was held as Collateral awaiting resolution of the matter, and Captain and I were unsure of Our Freedom! I know not what settlement was worked out, but We were released, and headed for the Oil Pipeine that Crossed at the Panama Canal. Would have been circa 1976/1977?

Beautiful Sights of Sky Blue Glaciers meeting the Sea. Most often a scudding overcast, but on rare days, Clear Skies - Wowzer!! Mountains. Landscapes with not a single thing made by man in view. Stars! Snow"Flakes" big as the Palm of Your Hand. Just Amazing!

Really enjoyed Your Story, @Entropyfx, and the Pictures as well. Thanks!