Durable, Low-Cost DC Nickel-Iron System

I have been staying on a off-grid, mainly self sufficiecnt farming community, called Living Energy Farm, for the past couple months and thought it might be useful to share their approach and see what the group thinks.
They use strawbale construction, rocket stoves, passive solar, solar water and air (directly heating air and water without the need to create electricity) and thermal mass storage.
They also use a unique DC solar electric system that is far more durable and cheaper than comparable solar systems and doesn't require inverters. It has nickel-Iron solar batteries that are less toxic, don't require rare earth metals and can be discharged without degrading over time. The need for excessively large battery banks is avoided with most things being direct daylight driven (plugged directly into panels with fuses or breakers), they just only use these appliances during the day.
I think this is a model with much potential and superior to anything I have seen aid and development organizations proposing. In developed countries it would take a bit of a lifestyle change but is ready-made for off-griders, intentional communities and "eco-fanatics". From my research, there is a good amount of disinformation or lack of knowledge about this, especially the Nickel-Iron batteries.

I am interested if anyone has experience with similar systems, feedback or suggestions for groups, NPOs, businesses, etc that might be interested in this tech package.

Here are some videos explaining the systems:

The battery box systems and solar fridges are now available for purchase at: