** Covid-19 Global Pandemic of 2020 ** - Main Discussion Thread


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No offense taken. A lot of these hospitals have their heads up their ass, they aren't making decisions based on logic, just blind adherence to what they think they have to do. Then they're changing policies all the damn time and no one knows what's going on. I'll admit we've had similar issues, when we change policies it's sometimes hard to get everyone on the same page quickly.

Idk man, this thing has been such a cluster fuck. Especially if you are taking orders from huge organizations and they expect a one-size- fir-all policy.
i would be happy ,estatic even if the different dept's would just communicate with each other.

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Every passenger and crew member had to show proof they had been vaccinated... and still they've had people testing positive. I find it funny but probably shouldn't. This is being claimed as the first ship to sail out of North America, it sailed from St. Marteen in the Caribbean but was/is planning on docking in the U.S. at some point.

The defense is going to be that no one said the vaccine would keep you from getting covid, it will just make it where not as many people have to be hospitalized or die... Amazingly enough, they weren't advertising a "symptom reducer", they were advertising a vaccine, normally considered a preventative.

But back to our regularly scheduled petri dish cruise ship.